As a driver to Bedrijvenpark Botlek:
Important information

You will be our guest soon. Health, safety and environment are top priority for our companies.

In order to make your visit as efficient and safe as possible, you are requested to complete Steps 1 to 3 (see left frame).

Watch our film

Safety film

As a driver you are required to watch our safety film. We give you the opportunity to watch it now, however, due to our safety protocol you must complete the film and the assessment at Bedrijvenpark Botlek.

Practical information

Register at Security

Register at Security (P3) with a valid ID (no driver’s license)


Access to our site for loading/discharging is possible through P3.
The entrance is located at Welplaatweg 12, just past Security.

Note: do not forget to register (Step 3)!

You can register in the next step.

Register as a driver

Note: The registration form opens to an external website in a new window.

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